Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Queenstown Cinema & Bowling Centre

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I've been a frequent visitor to Queenstown, since I began staying in Redhill 20 years ago. Back in the 90's, when I was young, Queenstown is a bustling place to be. There was everything from big restaurants, Cinemas, bowling alley, fastfood, and more! You wouldn't need to travel out of Queenstown to find what you need.

But slowly over the years, many things have changed. Restaurants are gone. Cinemas, bowling alley, fastfood are all gone. Even the hawker centre is gone too! Is this the bustling Queenstown that I have always remembered?

Everything that is a testament of the old Queenstown has already been torn down or rebuilt, with the exception of this: Queenstown Cinema & Bowling Centre.

This place has been vacant for at least a decade, but currently still hasn't been planned for deconstruction or refurbishment. But that won't last for long now, because Queenstown is one of the most expensive prime land for real estate in Singapore and redevelopment will make perfect ($$$) sense.

I wanted to have a look inside, but everything was secured tight with locks, so I can only take some shots outside. I used a combination of Nik software filter (Bleach Bypass @ 25% opacity, and Cross Processing method C01) for a little old school look.

 This should be the ticketing counter and main entrance
 What's showing? Nothing!

 My bicycle takes me everywhere

Undoubtedly Queenstown

Or is it Queensway? Actually it's both.

 Used to house a KTV inside, but even the sign is wrecked now..

Another view of the building.

Finally, HDR of Queenstown Cinema & Bowling Centre.

Focal Length: 10mm
Exposure: 10, 1.3, 1/6 sec
ISO: 160
F-stop: f/11
Format: RAW

- Open all 3 files in Photoshop RAW for denoise and CA correction.
- Merge in Photomatix
- Edited with Nik Software (Details Extractor, Tonal Contrast, Darken / Lighten Center)

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