Wednesday, June 9, 2010


HDR at National Orchid Garden

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It's been a real busy month in May! But that doesn't mean I'm slacking on snapping around Singapore.

A couple of weeks before, I finally managed to get my hands on my 580EX II flashlight. It's then I realised flash photography isn't as easy as it seems. I'll need lots of practice. LOTS.

Whenever I'm not working, I'll be playing with my flashlight, learning a little more everyday. I ended up with lots of weird pictures, of under and over exposed photos, and "test" shots. Well, it's part of the learning curve right?

Next step, my first L lens! I tried 17-40mm F/4L before in the past and I'm not impressed by the image quality and almost all aspects of the lens, even though it is an L lens. Or maybe my expectation is just too high.

HDR at National Orchid Garden

I've arranged an outing to National Orchid Garden with my buddy Myo last sunday. Luckily, there's good weather then, and the photos turned out well.

Even better, there is a promotional offer now (I believe it last between the school holidays) and it is FREE ENTRY for students!

Super worth the time and effort to get there. Flowers are pretty and you'll have no short of pictures to take.

Note that this place is in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and it is a 10-15 mins walk from the main entrance.

Photo taken near the entrance of National Orchid Garden.

Camera settings:
Focal length: 18mm
F-stop: f/5
Exposure time: 1/250 second
ISO speed: 100
Exposure Bias: (HDR image)
Tripod mounted

-Merge to HDR
- Edited sky and land seperately in Lightroom
- Combined in Photoshop with layers
- Other minor editings


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  1. WOW!!

    Like 3D effect!!

    is it just me or the clouds moved when you look at it for too long?

    Nice editing!