Friday, March 22, 2013


Canon Announces 700D & 100D

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Canon announced the long awaited EOS 700D to replace EOS 650D, as well as a new EOS series, EOS 100D.

My first at both cameras, they are quite closely priced, but what are the major differences between them?

 Amazingly, the cheaper EOS 100D gets a really awesome Live View AF system that covers 80% of the frame, while EOS 700D only gets a miserable 30+%. Now that is PRETTY COOL.

Both cameras uses the same Digic 5 sensor with 18.0 megapixels. There are news about Digic 6 sensor and it could be released in the coming EOS 70D. This is a very big deal.

 Both have 9-point AF, similar to previous models of the series, but EOS 700D stands out with 9 all cross type AF compared to EOS 100D's only 1 centre cross-type AF.

 Both LCDs are the same, but EOS 700D gets a flippy screen.

 EOS 700D has 5 FPS, while EOS 100D 4 FPS. Not much of a difference to me.

 Creative filters are about the same.

 EOS 100D has a few more Special Scene Mode. Good for beginners who aren't too good at camera settings.

 Both cameras are equally good in Movie mode, but EOS 700D, having the flippy LCD screen will enable you to shoot videos with better comfort.

EOS 100D is significantly lighter than EOS 700D. (And smaller too)

I can't help but feel the EOS 100D is more targeted to female users. The camera is lighter, and smaller which fits well in the ladies hands. I'm a guy with medium sized hands (about 8 inches), and I find the grip in the EOS 700D series camera to be a little uncomfortable because it's a little small, and the EOS 100D has a even smaller grip. Below is a photo comparing the size of EOS 700D (T4i), EOS 100D (SL1), and Canon's first mirrorless camera, EOS M.

As you can see, the EOS 100D is still significantly bigger than the EOS M. I would gladly take the EOS M anytime for it's small size, but the poor autofocus and lack of native lens choices makes me think twice.

For a more in depth view and full specs of both cameras, please see the links from DPreview below:
DPreview: EOS 700D
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And lastly, I am rather disappointed by the EOS 700D because it is no different from the EOS 650D. All I can see are cosmetic and software changes, but absolutely no improvement made on the hardware. If I was buying a new DSLR now, I would gladly have the EOS 650D over EOS 700D, since the EOS 650D is made cheaper after the price drop. But at least it's comforting to know that the release price of the EOS 700D is lower than EOS 650D when it first launched. For the 6 "Major" (cosmetic) difference, you should check out PhotoPlus Mag.