Monday, April 9, 2012


Marina Bay ArtScience Museum!

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iLight Marina Bay is a lot of fun, seriously! My favorite light installation would be the Merlion, as you can color the virtual Merlion on a computer screen, and it shows up on the actual Merlion in real time!

limitless color combinations! 

There were other awesome and creative light installations around the whole Marina Bay, and like a kid, I had a great time photographing and playing with them. One of the"big" light installations is at the Marina Bay ArtScience Museum. I haven't been inside, nor have a clue of what this building will house, but the name of the building does suggest a big clue.

I've been here before, photographed, edited it, but I felt something lacking. Perhaps it was the featureless white exterior walls of the building. It was good, but a little dull and flat.

When I first heard about the iLight Marina Bay festival, I saw a photo of the ArtScience Museum and I clearly knew this is the moment that I've been waiting for! Something to be projected on the white walls and fill up the empty spaces!

Presenting the Marina Bay ArtScience Museum!

It's a HDR photo. This photo was a little challenging as I had to deal with unusually large amount of noise. Chroma was rather strong as well, especially purple, which is hard to separate from the purple that I want on the picture. A total of 21 layers used on this picture, and about 3 hours to edit.

On a side note: I read about native ISO on cameras such as 7D or 5D. The theory states that camera's noise performance is much better at a set of ISO numbers, such as "160, 320, 640". I'll try to talk about that in the future if possible. But I've tried running simple test between ISO 100 and 160, and I don't see a significant different like the article mention. Difference? Yes, maybe just 5%, but it could be a test variable. More on that soon!