Friday, May 18, 2012


ROM of Nachu & Meiyappan

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I was recently asked to shoot for an ROM of Nachu & Meiyappan. I've done wedding shots before but this is my first time shooting for an ROM. What's more, the couple are Indians, so I have a lack of understanding of their culture and procedure during the ROM. If you ask me, sure it's a challenge, but I'm prepared for it.

A few days before this ROM, I attended a seminar from Clubsnap about wedding photography. What I learnt was that I need a 33k hasselblad camera, a huge light & umbrella, and of course, assistants to do anything but shooting. Sure, I have none of the 3, and nowhere near, so most of things don't apply. But what I took away from the seminar is the way the photographer interacts with the model, and some typical wedding poses (and it helps alot!).

Enjoy the photos!