Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Mosaic Playground - Penguin

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Long ago, in the mid 90's, Children had no iPads or electronic games to play with. What did we do then? We'll have a ball of time at the playground downstairs. Back then, there would be a sand playground in every neighborhood, and those with plastic floors are like beyond rare.

The playgrounds are normally dirty and very sandy, with sand all over the slides and structures, but that doesn't stop kids from having a great time there. I remember the playground under my block had only a swing, a slide, but I can spend hours playing there.

But then, slowly the playgrounds around Singapore got upgraded to the newer plastic floors ones. The remaining ones are in danger of getting demolished. I didn't pay much attention until I read an article named "Mosaic Memories" from

So today, I visited Vocational Dr, off Dover Road, to see the only remaining mosaic pelican in Singapore. The residents of this neighborhood has already moved and work has began on either upgrading or tearing the buildings down, and the playground is boarded up. However, I managed to sneak in and get some shots.

(I forgot to bring my tripod base plate on this trip, so it's a little hard to shoot a portrait HDR. To compensate for that, I had to up my ISO by 2 stops to make my shutter speed fast enough for handheld shots.)

Focal Length: 10mm
Exposure: 1/13, 1/100, 1/800 sec
ISO: 640
F-stop: f/9.1
Format: RAW

Do visit this place if you have the time, before it's too late! You will love it!