Friday, July 27, 2012


Gardens By The Bay

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The latest mega attraction in town is none other than Gardens by the Bay. Although it is still pretty inaccessible by public transport, it attracts lots of people everyday. I went on a weekday afternoon, so it wasn't crowded, but people started to pour in towards the evening. The place is really quite huge, and almost impossible to finish walking in an afternoon, but most of the attractions is located in the bay south, which houses the super trees and flower dome.

For people who don't want to pay a cent like me, there are still many places which you can visit and take awesome pictures of. Although I prefer to shoot HDR in the day, but it is during the night where the park comes alive with all the light show and music. In the afternoon, it's just a little less exciting.

So here are 2 pictures shot on my first visit. The first picture is of this supertree. It is the biggest of all the supertrees and sits in the center of all other trees. 

Settings: Focal Length: 10mm
Exposure: 15, 2, 30 sec
ISO: 160
F-stop: f/11
Format: RAW

Run the 3 images through camera raw to correct camera vignette, CA, and noise, before merging with photomatix and brought back into photoshop to remove ghosting and finally finishing off with nik software.

The next picture is of a limestone rock. I found it interesting because of the clever use of a hole in the concrete to create a frame for the limestone rock.

Focal Length: 10mm
Exposure: 2.5, 1/3, 20 sec
ISO: 160
F-stop: f/11
Format: RAW

Similar editing fashion to the photo above, only easier because there is no sky or ghosting to work with.

Next visit, I'll be there earlier and spend some $$ to enter the Flower Dome! Hopefully, I'll have a whole lot of wonderful pictures to work on after the trip!

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