Thursday, March 28, 2013


The Host Movie 2013 Review!

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If you're wondering if this post is related to photography, well, it isn't.

In fact, I've been invited by Golden Village to the movie preview of The Host.

To sum up the story without disclosing too much; our planet earth has been invaded by an alien species with requires the human body as a host to survive, much like a virus. The story revolves around a young girl by the name of Melanie Stryder, who, refuses to be controlled by her alien invader. She and her alien invader then work together to overcome the challenges presented to her and the remaining human survivors before they are all overtaken the the alien species.

I would rate this movie 4/5. Before catching this movie, I was kinda afraid that the movie will be similar to twilight (I'm not a fan, apparantly). Although this movie does have a little "twilight" plot in it, I'm still loving this movie for the original storyline, and action. Remember to go catch this movie!