Monday, May 3, 2010


My Little Butterfly Pet!

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Finally, my first macro shot of a butterfly! I always wanted one, but always missed the shot as I'm restricted to the low magnification, and short focal length of my lens.

So while strolling home after a evening jog, I found a cute little butterfly on the floor at the sidewalk. It, like a 5D mark II with an L lens, caught my eye immediately and I took it home in a makeshift grass home.

At home, I took it from it's grass home, but it didn't fly away. So I took out my camera and started snapping at the little butterfly. How cooperative! I had my fill and placed it into a cupboard home, for playing tomorrow.

Want to see my new pet? Here you go!

Camera settings:
Focal length: 55mm
F-stop: f/10
Exposure time: 1.3 second
ISO: 100
Exposure bias -0.7 step
Tripod mounted

Love it?


  1. is it dead? coz i cant see its legs =)

  2. I would think it is an art piece if u did not state it as a photo, i think its coz of the wings. It look as if it was drawn and painted.

  3. yeah i agreed too leh painted wings

  4. Thanks! Painted? Maybe. Over sharpen, definitely.

    Oh, and it's dead, but I didn't kill it.