Friday, July 9, 2010


Hong Kong Disneyland HDR

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Sorry! I know I've been lazy and not posting much these days, but Contest Junkie blog is keeping me awake at night, and I don't have much time with other stuff.

Back from a enjoyable trip to Hong Kong and Macau a few weeks ago. Everything was nice, especially food, but overall, things are more expensive in Hong Kong & Macau then in Singapore.

While in my stay in Hong Kong, I noticed the sky is always blue throughout the day, and I was thinking:

"Oh great, I can do a HDR!"


"Oh this angle looks good for a HDR! Wait, where's my tripod?!"

"Sh*t! I need to hurry up and move on to the next location!"

A combination of a tight schedule plus No tripod means I won't get to shoot my HDR photos! But when as I arrived at Disneyland, I was like "WAH! seriously blue sky, good for shooting!". I was so excited about the blue sky that I even told my mom (who knew nothing about photograpy) that I could do a damn good HDR with this blue sky. Then the usual problem: never bring tripod.

Then I noticed a curved seat near the water fountain and I rekon I could do a HDR if I keep really still....

And the result?

Not the best, but up to standard for posting.

Picture processed like a HDR, but layered back (about 8 layers?) some of the original photos to make it less "fake". I not too sure what exactly hit me, but I no longer enjoy making fake HDRs. In my case, it will be: NO glowing edges, NO inaccurate brightness of subject with reference to background. (chim? I not sure what I'm saying either)

For my next post... how about pictures from a cosplay event taken recently? Leave me a comment, cheers!


  1. nice shot.. love the blue sky =)

  2. Hye! Saw your innit post in Top 10. Wanna check out Disneyland photos, thus I'm here. :)

  3. wow...nice shot...very pretty and beautiful!!!

  4. @kenwooi: Thanks, it's my favourite part too, and where I spent most time to edit.

    @Rolling Fumbling Thug: Thanks for dropping by! I only post the best shot so you might be a little dissapointed if you're looking for more.

    @v!vi@n: Thanks! I love your photos too!

  5. Nice photo! The sky is so blue.

  6. Hi you should try lowering the saturation of the colours, and add more shadows around the clouds to create a more dramatic effect.

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  8. Hi Marco, I would love to exchange links with you. I've added your blog link in my side bar.

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