Sunday, August 15, 2010


Out of Bounds (OOB) Railway shot

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In another attempt to waste time, waste money and improve my editing skills, I've borrowed 3 photography and photoshop books from the library. Then I picked up this Wacom Intous 4 tablet for $370 (more information and reviews about that tablet in the next post). All for creating the best picture.

Now for the picture! Took me 3 days to finish as this is my first time creating a OOB photo and I'm seriously noob in this area of editing.

I won't be sharing screenshots or making a tutorial / walkthrough on how to make an OOB photo. Trust me, I still don't really know what I'm doing.

So this is what I did with the photo:
- Crop
- Added lens correction filter to make the frame tilt at an angle
- Re-added the part of the railway track to make it pop!
- Content Aware to extend the railway further
- Added sunset background and blend it in
- Added frame
- Added shadows
- Final processing using Lightroom

Original photo for comparison:
While I was editing, my dad commented: "I'll never believe any photos that I see anymore. Everything is FAKE!".

I somewhat agree with that statement.