Friday, December 9, 2011


Walk In Rural Singapore: Alkaff Mansion

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A little known place in Telok Blangah lies a place known as Alkaff Mansion. A little history on this place. It used to be owned by the Alkaff family whose ancestors come from Indonesia. They were wealthy traders, and they had built this retreat for themselves and their guest on the slopes of Telok Blangah Hill.

After the world war II, the place was abandoned until recently, it was renovated into a Italian restaurant, while keeping the original feel of the mansion.

I had known this place from young, but being in it's run down state (and it's closed to public), it wasn't a top location for photography. But one day, I happened to be jogging around the hill in the night and the bright and colorful lights caught my attention. And there lies Alkaff Mansion, renovated, like how it should look like.

I approached the staff if I could have a picture, and after some deliberation, they allowed me to photograph the place from the outside. I managed to take a couple of bracketing shots on the mansion before being asked to leave the place. Well, I guess that's the difference between a paying guest and a non-paying one. Nevertheless, I still thank the staff for allowing me to photograph the place, when they could have turned me down straightaway.

So, here is the picture. I used my 10-22mm lens on this one.

See this photo on flicker:

HDR information:

ISO 100, 14mm, f/9
1st shot: EV - 3.0, 1.3sec
2nd shot: EV + 3.0, 30sec
3rd shot: EV + 0, 8sec

Post processing information:
Combined to HDR using photomatix
shadowmapping in photoshop
LAHR sharpening
Cleaned image using content aware
Enchanced details, and added tonal contrast, and other various color adjustments
Noise reduction

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  1. omg, the effect is stunning, you should so take more photos :)