Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A ride along 漓江 (LiJiang) in Guilin, China

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Last month, somewhere around the end of December, I went on a trip to Guilin, China, with my family. I've long heard about the awesome, one of it's kind, hills and rivers in Guilin, and being a landscape enthusiast, I'm excited to be there.

Have you been to little Guilin (小桂林) in Singapore? I never knew Singapore would have little rock hills that shaped like the ones in Guilin. Fascinated, I expected more and better from the actual place in China.

On my second day of my trip, I arrived at a dock somewhere along 漓江 (LiJiang). It is said that the China's Ren Min Bi $10 back portrait has it's traits along this part of the river. If you haven't know yet, the portraits on each on the Chinese Ren Min Bi is an iconic landmark in China. If you've not yet decided where to go in China, take a look at the Chinese currency and you might get your next destination.

I reached the location at a time of the day which is not very photo friendly, and I experienced some significant flare on my lens, but I haven't come this far to be beaten by flares. Took up my camera, and took a HDR of the scene.

See this photo on flicker:

HDR information:
ISO 100, 10mm, f/11
1st shot: EV + 0, 1/80sec
2nd shot: EV - 3.0, 1/640sec
3rd shot: EV + 3.0 , 1/10sec

Post processing information:
Combined to HDR using photomatix
shadowmapping in photoshop
LAHR sharpening
Chromatic aberration correction
Enchanced details, and added tonal contrast, and other various color & luminosity adjustments
Noise reduction

More photos taken in Guilin will be coming soon!

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