Monday, February 6, 2012


An Untold Story in Guilin Village

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During my time in Guilin, China, I visited one of the many villages hidden in the mountains. Although the village is designed as a tourist attraction, it was still rather rundown. Toilet facilities are still as bad, the roads not paved, and the buildings made out of wood.

The view was fantastic, I must say, and I like the rural feeling of the whole area. What had not changed was the food. The food is still very much original taste, which isn't suited to my more-meat-and-modern-foods lifestyle. I believe that is true for the rest of the people traveling with me. So I left the dining table early, and started to walk around the village, when I saw this rather interesting view.

See this photo on flicker:

HDR information:
ISO 100, 10mm, f/11
1st shot: EV + 0, 1/20sec
2nd shot: EV - 3.0, 1/160sec
3rd shot: EV + 3.0 , 0.4sec

Post processing information:
Combined to HDR using photomatix
shadowmapping in photoshop
Chromatic aberration correction
Enchanced details, and added tonal contrast, and other various color & luminosity adjustments
Noise reduction

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