Thursday, April 22, 2010


Photography lessons, anyone?

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It is quite important to attend photography lessons. I remember the time, when I'm in poly where I taken an extra module called: Revealing eye in digital photography.

I didn't have any camera that time. My only Canon IXUS was lost, and I only had my phone. Nevertheless, I still took that module, and it kinda spark my interest in photography. Oh, did I mention I only got a C grade in that module? haha! I still remember the basic techniques the lecturer taught.
This includes: Rule of thirds, Frame within a frame, and leading lines, etc etc...

Of course, there are other ways to learn, such as looking at other's pictures!

And presenting a picture with the one of the basic techniques: Frame within a frame

The orignal picture will scare you, so better not see, ok?


  1. why.. show the ori pic.. i wanna see =D

  2. hmmm... I've never really tried photography workshops before, though I am very interested and curious.